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Back in the early ’70s, Grandpa Bill decided that he had taken just about enough from city living. He bought himself a farm – right here in the Dells. He built himself a house with his own two hands (and some hired hands), leased out some land for farming, hunted the property, fished local waters, and generally enjoyed himself in retirement.

We all loved coming to see him and Grandma Lydia. We took boat rides, we fished, we hunted, we golfed, we skied, we snowmobiled. We also had a very good time here in the Dells.

As retirement approached for Bob and Dick, who had married the two eldest sisters, thay began to wonder what they would do with their newfound extra time. They had both seen older family members languish and fade away after their working careers ended. Neither one of them wanted to go that route.

Dick, who had spent his working days as an analytical chemist, had taken up amateur winemaking in the 1990’s. He and Bob, who had a lifelong background in the building trades, decided that a winery on the family property made perfect sense.

Their wives, LaDone and Loreen, and the youngest sister Lynette – who had moved to California, near wine country, gave their wholehearted support. Thus Prairie Hawk Winery began.

In the summer of 2005, on weekends and vacations, Bob and Dick began clearing the land in preparation for building. The shell of the building was erected in the fall of 2007 and interior work began.

A bootstrap operation from the get go, permitting, construction, and equipping continued for nearly a decade. The first batches of wine were begun in September 2015. A labor of love – a long time in coming.

We are happy to join the growing community of Wisconsin winemakers who are dedicated to providing an excellent, locally produced product for your enjoyment. We are located on a beautiful wooded site where it is not uncommon to spot deer and turkey, sight numerous songbirds, hear owls in the nighttime woods, and even occasionally spot our resident hawk.

We look forward to meeting you at Prairie Hawk Winery, we have worked long and hard to provide a great setting in which you can enjoy our wines, and know that you will enjoy it here as much as we do. 

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